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We have collaborated with strong brands.
We have written about technology, mentored future engineers and helped transfer valuable knowledge though our books and video courses.

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We offer best in class personalized services



We offer personalised consulting services to help your existing teams be more efficient and valuable. You can use us to streamline your internal development process and expand your body of knowledge.

Consultancy services cost €60 per hour.


We have a range of Training options tailored to help your developers leverage the best of their tools. Whether it's React, Angular, Typescript or Javascript we can offer quality and customised training skills covering both theory and practice.

Training services cost €60 per hour.


We have multiple years on our back helping people understand and learn how to program. We understand that time is the most precious resource when you want to onboard new engineers. This is why we can guide you through this process and show your developers how to write efficient and readable Javascript Code.

Mentoring costs €50 per hour.

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Theo Despoudis

Founder, Consultant
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We like to share our expertise and we regulalry write for publications all over the world.

How to sell to engineers

Understanding the dynamics of launching a product in the developer tools market.

Secret-Hunting in Kubernetes

Learn how to manage secrets effectively in Kubernetes and defend against the risk of secret hunting by attackers.

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Feel free to reach out. We would love to help you answer your Javascript, React & Angular related questions. Whether it is just a quick question or an extensive Software Project.

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